Warranty Requirements

Program Description

  • All installation details and components must be pre-approved in writing by Burke All work must be completed by a Burkeline® Approved Contractor.
  • All construction details shall be as Burke's published standard, unless pre-approved.
  • All projects will have a final inspection by a Burke Field Service technician
  • System shall be defined as all components of the roof assembly embedded within, or attached to, the roof deck.
  • Maximum wind speed covered under warranty shall be 60 mph. 70 mph is available if required in specifications, and preapproved by Burkeline®Warranty Engineers.
  • All mechanically attached systems are designed to Factory Mutual 1-90 standards for wind uplift resistance. This includes a minimum of two half-width sheets around the entire perimeter, and fastened on 6 inch centers, per data sheet 1-29S. The entire roof shall be fastened 6 inch on center unless otherwise pre-approved by Burke.
  • All board insulation shall be attached to the roof deck using Factory Mutual approved Burke labeled fastening devices, meeting or exceeding their required minimum frequency. Plates shall be "lock head" type, 2 7/8" plastic, totally encapsulating the fas- tener head.
  • Fastening screws shall be #14, coated Burke screws. All lightweight, gypsum, and tectum decks will require pull tests and evaluation prior to start-up. Light weight or concrete fasteners will be provided by Burke.
  • All membrane fastener plates shall barbed 2 inch, xytel plates by Burke. Steel barbed Burkeline®plates may be approved on a job by job basis.
  • All seams shall be made using either hot air or hot air in conjuction with welding solution. All Hypalon® to Hypalon® joinings shall have both joining faces preactivated with Burke's M-100 preactivator liquid or M-734 welding solution. (No substitutions will be allowed.)
  • No welding or adhesive work will be attempted when ambient temperature is less than 60¡ F unless artificial heat sources or other conditions permit an effective weld at all seams and adequate adhesion of all contact adhesive.
  • When the proposed roof system is a non-tear-off re-roof situation, test cores and/or an infrared or nuclear scan is required. A written report must be submitted delineating moist areas, and proposed remedial action. In all cases, surface to be covered will be smooth, sound, dry and free of voids, blisters and other defects. All wet materials (containing moisture that would evaporate if exposed to the atmosphere) must be removed and replaced. Any deviation will void warranty.

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