Laboratory Testing Services  

Laboratory Testing Services
Burke operates one of the most comprehensive test facilities
on the west coast. Our trained technicians perform an extensive variety of physical and environmental tests and offer documented certification that your compound has been made to specification requirements. Many of our customers have used Burke as their reference laboratory for other source evaluations.

Examples of Typical Rubber Test Methods:
Evaluation Tests
Test Methods
MDR or Moving Die Rheometry   ASTM D-5289
ODR or Oscillating-Disc Rheometry
  ASTM D-2084
Mooney Viscosity & Mooney Scorch
  ASTM D-1646
Tensile Strength & Elongation
  ASTM D-412
Shear Modulus
  ASTM D-945
Tension and Compression Set
  ASTM D-395
Heat Agings
  ASTM D-573
Liquid Immersions
  ASTM D-471
Ozone Resistance
  ASTM D-1149
Low Temperature Flexibility
  ASTM D-1790, D-2136
Abrasion Resistance
  ASTM D-3389
Ash Content
  ASTM D-4574, D-297
Electrical Properties
  ASTM D-257
Adhesion Testing
  ASTM D-429
Tear Resistance (B or C)   ASTM D-624

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